LT1 - Freegal

What’s Freegal?


Go to Timberland Regional Library’s webpage, click on “Library Collection” on the green banner.  Click on “Freegal Music Downloads”.


#1 -What’s Freegal?




#2 -Technical Writing is a type of writing that you do a lot in “the real world”.  It’s directional writing, often to help others learn a skill or concept.  Now, let’s pretend you are the teacher-librarian at your favorite middle school.  You want to teach kids about this but are too busy teaching classes.  Your solution is to write up an explanation and directions for downloading onto an ipod that you’ll laminate and have available for students.  Please type up your step-by-step directions below.





#3 -Finally, it’s time to follow your own directions.  Test the steps out that you’ve written.  Come get Mrs. Bonds’ library flash drive and download 3 songs of your choice.  I'll upload them to our ipod later.  If you need to go back and modify your directions, go for it!  Think to yourself, could a 6th grader read and do this? 

Please write down the titles and artists of the songs you downloaded below so I can check them off as I upload them.