Library Tech I Course Description and Syllabus

Library Technician - Course Description

Technicians are responsible for a variety of tasks through out their class in the library.  All library technicians will be trained and be required to regularly:
•    Check out/check in library materials
•    Sort and shelve books, magazines and other materials
•    Use the various computer databases
•    Assist in answering patron’s questions
•    Actively help patrons find materials
•    Monitor patron traffic flow
•    Monitor computer stations
•    Assist in processing library materials
•    Design and create displays
•    Assist in daily maintenance of the library
•    Assist in the inventory of the library’s collection.

In addition to these tasks, Library Technicians will be required to accomplish trimester projects that will earn them credit in the class, progressively moving up from Library Tech 1 to Library Tech 2 with each successful semester.  Through this course, students can earn a full year of occupational education credit.  Students will also have initial training for public and private employment in library centers at the school, college, non-profit and corporate level.  From this class, students will gain competencies in:

➢    Communication skills
➢    Computer skills
➢    Customer service
➢    Decision making
➢    Ethics
➢    Information management
➢    Organizational skills
➢    Reasoning and Problem solving
➢    Self-management
➢    Teamwork
➢    Creative design.

Library Technician I
Expectations and Syllabus

Attendance is 1/2 of your grade.  Regular, punctual attendance is mandatory for this course.  Just as in a job, absences affect performance and can lead to termination, or in our class, loss of credit.  Everyone begins with an “A” at 100%, but every tardy automatically drops the attendance grade by 1 point.  You must be here by the bell.  Every absence excused or unexcused also drops the attendance grade 1 point.  The only exception is a school-related absence.  There's an average of 90 days per semester.  If you choose to take a vacation, realize your grade will be affected.  You can be sick of a full seven school days before the grade would drop to an A- through this attendance grading policy. Most importantly, because of the daily performance requirements, any non-school related missed days cannot be made up.  After missing ten days, a discussion will take place about possible loss of credit because of the amount of work that had been missed.  

Assignments and Late work:

Assignments (worksheets, quizzes, and final) are 1/2 of your grade.  Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period.  Late work can be turned in for 1/2 credit up until week 17.  Pre-arranged school related absences will be accommodated.
Grading Scale:
100 - 92.49 = A              92.48 - 90 = A-       
89.99 - 86.50 = B+         86.49 - 84 = B               82.49 - 80 = B-
79.99 - 76.50 = C+         76.49 - 72.50 = C          72.49 - 70 = C-
69.99 - 66.5 = D+           66.49 - 60 = D               59.9 - below = F

The grade is not automatically an “A” just by being here.  You must do the assignments and have “A” quality on tasks to receive an “A”. 


Week 1-6
•    General library orientation with worksheet.
•    Circulation Desk procedures.
•    Customer/Patron service worksheet/discussion.
•    Monitoring traffic flow procedures.
•    Orientation Quiz at end of week 1.
•    Introduction to the Dewey Decimal System with packet.  Quiz on Dewey Decimal by the end of week 2.
•    Develop routine task responsibilities of checking the organization of a section of the library.  This is checked and graded bi-weekly.
•    Community service assignment given.
•    Library display assignment given. 
•    Guest speaker from public library on different types of librarian jobs with a 1/2 page typed reflection.   
•    Attain and present your public Timberland Regional Library card.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
•    Develop initial familiarity with library catalog, CHS databases, and Noodletools using the library pathfinder assignment about Mark Twain.
•    Maintain organization of your section of the library.
•    Continue traffic flow, customer service and circulation procedures.
•    1/3 semester evaluation of your section of the library and other tasks performed by end of Week 5 or beginning of Week 6.

Week 6-12
•    Self-evaluation completed in conjunction with 1/3 semester evaluation.
•    Establish when you will be taking the Timberland Regional Library Database Training.  This only happens on Saturdays or Sundays.  If you absolutely can’t spare 45 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday by Week 12, an alternate paper assignment will be given to you.
•    Complete the “YALSA” assignment. 
•    Do WOIS interest inventory and search the career internet database.  Show print out of inventory as well as college courses needed and job salaries of a possible job in your future. 
•    Create a cover letter for a job interview as a library page at TRL.
•    Create a resume for a job interview as a library page at TRL.
•    Maintain organization of your section of the library.
•    Continue traffic flow, customer service and circulation procedures.
•    1/3 semester evaluation of your section of the library and other tasks performed by end of Week 11 or beginning of Week 12.

Week 12-18
•    Show Mrs. Bonds a demonstration of how to use three different TRL databases using her laptop and projector.
•    Conduct a mock interview with Mrs. Bonds.
•    Turn in community service assignment.
•    Final exam, evaluation of your section of the library and self-evaluation will occur during finals time.

Please have your parent or guardian email Mrs. Bonds at to verify that you have reviewed the syllabus together.  This is your 1st assignment worth 10 pts.