Library Tech Occ. Ed Course

Library Technician I(A) and Technician II(B)

A library technician provides a service to staff and students and participates in a "real" job. This job can be listed on a job application/resume since it provides experience both with office work and with meeting and serving the public. Library Technician I students will learn to manage the circulation desk, navigate the CHS Library web page, assist with book processing, maintain an assigned section of the library and assist other students in using both print and electronic resources. Library Tech I students research the job market in the field of library science, discuss workplace safety issues, participate in a community service activity, receive training from the Timberland Regional Library, and conclude the semester with preparing a resume and cover letter for a mock job interview that serves as part of the final for the course. Library Technician II students build on previous skills by completing a major research project, learning and demonstrating technology for professional presentations, writing a professional book review, continue maintaining an assigned section of the library, completing a community service assignment, and present their major research assignment modeling the culminating project expectations.