Test Prep

Studying for the SAT or ACT? Check out these Test-prep resources online

SAT Prep Center

This page contains a wealth of excellent- and free-test-prep resources. The "Mini-SAT" tool is well worth downloading; it provides a 68-question timed practice test and student-friendly SAT tips. Consider bookmarking the link to the "SAT Question of the Day" page to help familiarize students with the test format. Created by: The staff of The College Board, Inc. Don't Miss: Be sure to print the "Full-Length Practice SAT" and "Scoring Guide" (PDF format) available here

ACT Test Prep

Here's another great test-prep Web site. Most useful ar ethe "Practice Tests," which provide a substantial set of actual test questions and answers. Created by: The staff of ACT, inc. Don't Miss: Download the free 79-page booklet "Preparing for the ACT" (PDF format), which coontains valuable test information, complete practice tests, and scoring keys.

Learning Express Library

Timberland Regional Library's database called Learning Express Library has all sorts of different practice tests, including SAT and ACT.


For students who are feeling a bit shaky about the math portions of the SAT and ACT, this is a great site for extra practice. When students click on a given math subject, they'll get to try out the concept by solving problems and equations. Then they press an online button to see the results. Created by: Tom Bensky, professor, California Poltechnic State University. Don't Miss: The section "Math for Everyone" is full of internesting and useful online math tools, such as how to figure the amount of tips, compute compound/simple interest, and even determine wind chill.