Image Copyright - so you can do it right!

Attention Cougars: Do you know about image copyright?

If you use a picture, chart, graph, or map from the internet on your poster or in your essay or power point, it is an image that may be subject to copyright laws.

But if its on the Internet, isnt it free?

Most of the time, the answer is NO! (You can find free images through free image websites or images with some rights reserved. Try

If you take an image from the Internet, you need to give full credit where credit is due. The images came from somewhere. And that somewhere isnt Google.

When you find an image on a search engine's results page, you need to click on the image. Then you will get a link or web address in blue next to the original source.

Click on the link to OPEN IT.

You need all of the following information (or as much as you can see) for your MLA style citation through Noodletools:

  • Image creators first and last name
  • Title of the image
  • Title of the web page
  • Publishing company
  • Date of publication
  • Date of download
  • Web address/URL

And it will look like this when you print it with Noodletools:

Creator's last name, Creator's first name. "Title of Image." Title of Web Page. Publishing

Company. Date of Publication. Date of Download .

AND you need to copy/paste the web address/URL beneath the image itself.

For example:

imagine a robot fish picture here

You can shorten crazy, long URLs at

BUT REMEMBER, if you put an image on a website (that can be viewed by anyone, anywhere), you need to get permission from the real person, the copyright holder, before using that image on a website. A simple but formal email is all you need to write.