Oct. 28th, 2013 Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: David Johnston, Chris McNabb, Lynne Kenyon

Earthquake Drill re-cap: Move some letters on the track to allow for extra spacing. Felt it was a success overall. Teachers had attendance completed, but not enough folks pick up attendance. Next time, better to have Counselor stand still and teacher bring attendance to the Counselor. SPSCC  and/or others who don’t have a 1st period-identify who they would report to-or assign those kids to a specific teacher on a space on the track. Try to keep this group to a smaller class size.

Key to the chain where the wire is located next to the posts leading onto the track-or other solution to let kids get on the track more easily.

Suggestions for how to speed the process up-took about 20 minutes when bell rang to the end of the drill. Idea of reminding people to teach their students to line up alpha when we have our next drill.

Proof will be when we do the next drill during another period other than 1st period.-November drill will do so.

Publish for our staff who’s on the committee and a suggestion box for their ideas/suggestions. People can then put ideas as they come up in the safety box.

Each dept. head will ask their teachers to evaluate their furniture for missing bars, dangerous desks, etc. to send that to me so we can get a quantity of what’s needed.

Discussion about Lockdown Procedures-reviewed old procedures for changes to be made.

  1. Add request students not to use cell phones during the lockdown.
  2. Provide instructions to staff prior to doing a lockdown drill (November). Ask teachers to educate their classes during the week prior to the drill so they know what to expect.
  3. Reinforce for all first period teachers to share the drill info to their classes-students reported not knowing about the drill from their 1st period teacher. Encourage Kevin’s CNS class to share with our students-Five things to remember during a Fire/Earthquake/Lockdown drill.
  4. What to do during a lock down if it’s external or internal issue. Bathroom issues?
    1. What would our solution be-McNabb experienced this at a prior school.
    2. Window and door window covering concerns-Reeves used cloth at top of the door that could be dropped. Perfect sized poster option as well.
    3. Share with staff the concept of partial lockdown versus lockdown-what this means from police perspective.
    4. Staff should have access to their technology to receive emails during a lockdown.

Safety Bags-Michelle asked the PTO for a grant for safety bags with our logo and would include a clipboard and other first aid items. Waiting to hear from PTO grant committee. Concern that PTO is being asked to pay for ensuring the safety of their children. Need a district support structure for all schools-inequity districtwide. Safety Bags across the district should be the same across district-Maybe a

district safety committee meeting that would provide expectations for procedures and what should go into the safety bags.

Evacuation and Accountability Procedures:

Reviewed prior plan with student stickers, etc.  Instead of using this, Safety committee recommends evacuate from building to track-go to regular location already identified. Teacher has the 1st period list and will release the student to the attendance in Incident Command on right of track for parents to pick up student. Incident Command will have copy of master attendance roster as well for unaccounted 1st period students.

Attendance person should be there to assist as she knows the students the best. Have the teacher/students stay on the track when this happens and a runner will come to them with a note to release the student to the parent.

Need to have a back pack for attendance office with attendance notes/release student notes.

Asked each committee member to review the remaining parts of the packet to see what we should retain/change/alter, etc.

NEXT MEETING-NOVEMBER 25th Room D-9  2:30-3:30