High School and Beyond Plan

  1. Self- Awareness. The student will reflect on, and investigate areas of interest, strengths, and potential growth. He/she will recognize his/her priorities and biases.

  2. Criteria:

    • Aptitude assessments
    • Career interest assessments
    • Areas for improvement
    • Strengths
    • Opportunities

  3. Four Year Plan for Course Selection.The student will set an academic path to help Meet his/her career and personal goals.

  4. Criteria:

    • Academic pre-assessment for appropriate course selection

  5. Post-Secondary Opportunities. The student will learn how his/her interests and skills can lead to career options. He/she will research and explore a variety of post- high school opportunities, including education and the world of work. He/she will use this research to make informed decisions about his/her high school program and his/her plans for after school graduation.

  6. Criteria:

    • Labor market information
    • Career opportunities
    • Education and training opportunities
    • Military

  7. Year-After Graduation Plans. The student will set goals for the year after High school graduation.

  8. Criteria:

    • Educational goals
    • Career goals
    • Letter of introduction and resume