Speech and Debate


Updated: 3rd Annual Capital Classic

Capital will host a middle school invitation Congressional Debate on Friday, June 3rd. It's a combined workshop and competition, with trophies and other prizes. It starts at 6:00 p.m. in Pod B, and costs only $10.

Post-season Success, 2011

At the University of Puget Sound in March, in the first of two State tournaments, Capital's Speech and Debate team took 2nd in the 2A/3A division, thanks to strong performances in individual events. Our top finishers included Sampath Duddu (5th place, Oratory), Jackson Burgess (3rd, Impromptu), Grace Lynch (2nd, Impromptu). We also had a state champion: Josie Coury took 1st place in Oratory. Congratulations!

CHS Speech and Debate: a Brief Introduction

Capital High Schools speech and debate team competes at the regional, state, and national level. Were members of the Washington State Forensic Association and the National Forensic League. This year we're sending two debaters to the national championship tournament in Kansas City. Next year, it could be you!

Students choose events with many different styles, formats, and lengthssomething for everyone. Dramatic and Humorous performances, alone or with a partner, scripted or memorized. Oratory and Expositoryspeeches, delivered off-the-cuff or memorized. Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum debates involving the classic head-to-head struggle over values and public policy. Congressional Debate is a slightly less corrupt version of the real thing.

All of these events help students develop intelligence, eloquence, and, most important, the confidence to approach any situation with grace and charm. Competition is essential to the program, but learning is our core value. More critical than the trophies we win are the lessons we learnlessons that will long outlast the thrill of victory.

We offer practices 3-4 times per week, usually on Tues/Wed/Thurs afternoons, plus morning meetings and practices for those involved in sports. Our competitive season runs from October to March.CHS also offers a speech and debate elective class, open to all students.

If you have any questions about speech and debate, dont hesitate to call or email Mr. Anderson, or come by and visit him in B-7 before or after school.

jvanderson@osd.wednet.edu 360-596-8202

What hoops do students have to jump through to compete?

Have paid for an ASB card (were a WIAA activity)
Keep your grades high (if you flunk, you cant compete)
Pay annual dues ($30) and one-time NFL dues ($15, paid to the ASB office, and good for your entire career)
Attend at least two practices per week
Choose two or more events (Pattern A, B, and Debate / Student Congress all run at different times)
Begin perfecting your prize-winning speeches
Go to tournaments
Have fun, learn, stretch yourself, meet new people, win cool trophies, and hang out with Mr. A.

What should competitors bring to a tournament?

Professional attire. Slacks, button-up shirts, ties, suits, skirts, dresses, pantsuits, etc.
Food and / or money for food (were at the tournament all day; most schools provide snacks and beverages, which vary in quality)
Any important medication (Tums or Rolaids can be helpful, if the competitor gets stomach-nervous)
Typed copies of memorized speeches and/or photocopies of scripts
Homework for down time

General Schedules

At tournaments, Lincoln-Douglas Debate runs on Friday nights and during the day Saturday.

Student Congress runs on Friday nights.

Individual events run during the day Saturday.

We leave Capital anywhere from 1:30 to 2:00 Friday afternoons, and 6:00 to 8:00 Saturday morning, depending on the tournament.

Speech and Debate Tournaments, 2010-11 (dates approximate)

Gig Harbor High School
October 29-30
Tahoma High School
November 19-20

Auburn HS (Debate only)
December 3-4

Auburn Riverside HS
December 11-12

University of Puget Sound
January 7-8

Federal Way High School
January 14-15

Pacific Lutheran U. (TJ HS)
Jan. 28-29

State Speech
March 12

State Debate
March 18-19

IE State Qualifiers

NFL Qualifiers
Early March

National Tournament
June 13-18