Cougar Sports


  • The Cougar Sports Hotline is updated daily with current information (360) 596-8111.
  • Athletic Schedules:

Athletic Director

  • Steve Bellande, 596-8070,

  • Kathy Cognasso, Athletic Secretary, 360-596-8070,


Ingersoll Stadium: Schedules and Information   Students are not allowed to re-enter the facility (gym or stadium) after exiting during a contest.


The Olympia School District Athletics policy states:

•    An Athlete must be in full attendance – all classes – in order to participate in a contest.
•    An Athlete must be in attendance on a school day to practice.

Excused absences are limited to the following:

•    All medical appointments with a note from the practitioner’s office.
•    School-related functions (e.g. field trips).
•    Religious reasons, with prior notice. (Must be cleared with the Athletic Office)
•    Family emergency. (Must be cleared with the Athletic Office)

An athlete who is absent at any point during their scheduled classes must:

1.    First check in at the Attendance Office.
2.    Sign in at the Athletics Office – and bring the doctor’s note, (if applicable) for approval of the absence