Mar. 23, 2017 SkillsUSA Club Meeting

WHEN: 9:40 AM
PRESENT:  Scott Le Duc, William Murray, Gracen, Mylo, Emmitt, Tuckerby


  • Advisors share contest information


Fundraising Team Update

  • Mylo

Uniforms Team Update

  • Xie

Community Service Team Update

  • Grey


  • Mylo working on lawn ornaments (Murray has ideas)
  • Com. service: almost done with skate rack
  • Emmitt done at stadium
  • Graycen in photography next year
  • Tonight 8th grade family's come and see (Emmitt was there)
  • Art show May 24th
  • Work for live shows for next year(Le Duc has info)
  • Mylo going to aerospace comp. Skills USA regional with Murray
  • Mylo state comp. $100 was voted on and agreed to be used from club account