Staff Directory

Colleen Adams Colleen Adams Alternative Ed Para 596-8190 Homepage
Jane Allair Jane Allaire Graduation Specialist

Joe Alonso Joe Alonso World Language Room D6 596-8201 Homepage
Michelle Anderson Michelle Anderson Assistant Principal Front Office 596-8068 Homepage
Wade Arnold Wade Arnold GRuB's Youth Programs Lead Educator 2016 Elliott Ave. NW 753-5522 Homepage
Louis Avden Louis Avden Math Room D-7 596-8184 Homepage
Janet Anderson Janet Anderson Registrar Registrar Office 596-8023  
Cara Barkis Cara Barkis Para Educator 1:1 Life Skills    
Kara Bartlett Kara Bartlett Alt. Education Para    
Tagg Beaumont-Seyer Tagg Beaumont-Seyer SLP 596-  
Rachel Beard Rachel Beard Receptionist Front Office 596-8015  
Amanda Beers Amanda Beers Career Center Counselor / Yearbook Adviser  Career Center 596-8041  
Alicia Boisvert Alicia Boisvert Science Room I-7 596-8200 Homepage
Kristi Bonds Kristi Bonds Librarian Library 596-8037 Homepage
bota Bota Service Dog  Room A-1      
Suzanne Bowser Suzanne Bowser Principal's Administrative Assistant  Front Office 596-8010  
Kim Broderick Kim Broderick Math Room C-5 596-8160  Homepage
Nara Brombach Nara Brombach Science 596-  
Marnie Buckland Marnie Buckland Library Secretary Library 596-8038  
Barbara Burch Barbara Burch Cafeteria    
Mark Carras Mark Carras Swing Lead Custodian 596-8006  
Michelle Christenson Michelle Christenson Cafeteria  
Curtis Cleveringa Curtis Cleveringa Principal 596-8066   Blog
Lorissa Cloud Lorissa Cloud, CDP Student Assistance and Treatment Program 596-8035  
Kathy Cognasso Kathy Cognasso Athletic Secretary 596-8073  
Shirley Corn Shirley Corn

Special Services Secretary 596-8031  
Cathy Crabb Cathy Crabb Health & Fitness Multipurpose Room 596-8219 Homepage
Melinda Crew Melinda Crew Alt. Ed. Paraeducator    
Bridget Culley Bridget Culley Career Center Secretary Career Center    
Kristina Cummins Kristina Cummins English / Drama Stage / Room B-4 596-8043  Homepage
Terra Dawson Terra Dawson Theatre Tech Theatre    
Michael Deakins Michael Deakins AYA Social Studies Instructor (NBCT) Room A-12 596-8222 Homepage
Joe Debruyne Joe Debruyne Social Studies Room A-8 596-8042  Homepage
Zara Dietrich Zara Dietrich Lifeskills LPN    
Maria Delgato Maria Delgato Cafeteria    
Caitlin Donnelly Caitlin Donnelly English Room B-7 596-8115 Homepage
Leah Thompson Leah Dowers  Choir Choir Room 596-8262 Homepage
Angel Elam Angel Elam Activities Director Room A-13 / E-2 596-8167  Homepage
Jesse Elam Jesse Elam P.E. / Health / Baseball Coach Room PE / A-6 596-8230  Homepage
Aaron Elway Aaron Elway Para Educator 1:1 Life Skills    
Matthew Epplin Matthew Epplin SPED Math 596-8074  
Mark Excell-Rehm Mark Excell-Rehm Life Skills Teacher Room A-11 596-8026 Homepage
Sarah Eygabroat Sarah Eygabroat Resource ELA 9/10 Teacher  Room B-8 596-8116  Homepage
Finley Jennifer Finley Science Room I-9 596-8143  Homepage
Thomas Fountain Thomas Fountain Science Room I-10 596-8267  Homepage
Shannon Garrett Shannon Garrett Health Room / Career Center Para Health Room 596-8041  
Dave Gaston Dave Gaston Alternative Education Room A-1 596-8231  Homepage
Pam Gidlund Pam Gidlund Program Para Educator Life Skills
Room A9    
Brenda Grabski Brenda Grabski Marketing 596-8227 Homepage
Eric Green Eric Green Psychologist / Dept. Head Counseling Center 596-8030  
Daniel Grimm, M.Ed-CMHP Daniel Grimm, M.Ed-CMHP Dean of Students Front Office 596-8013 Homepage
Devin Guy Devin Guy Swing Custodian 596-8006  
Jacqui Hall Jacqui Hall Science Room I-3 596-8252 Homepage
Steve Hamilton Steve Hamilton Social Studies Room A-2 596-8210  Homepage
Brian Henderson Brian Henderson Para 1:1    
Matt Herinckx Matt Herinckx English Room B-5 596-8113  Homepage
Jennifer Hewitt Jennifer Hewitt Assistant Principal  Front Office 596-8067  
Linda Horlick Linda Horlick Cafeteria    
Chris House Chris House World Languages Room D-5 596-8131  Homepage
Genevieve Inungaray Genevieve Inungaray Alt. Ed.    
Michael Jansen Michael Jansen Science Room I-8 596-8236 Homepage
Norah Jensen Norah Jensen Counselor (F-L) Counseling Center 596-8024  
Aleda Johnson Aleda Johnson Alternative Ed. Para 596-8191  
Jill Johnson Jill Johnson English / ELL Room D-11 596-8092 Homepage
John Johnson John Johnson Head Football Coach / Social Studies / U.S. History Room A-5 596-8058 Homepage
Chris Johnston Chris Johnston Security 596-8177  
David Johnston David Johnston English Room B-1 596-8237 Homepage
Melissa Johnston Melissa Johnston Science / Math Room I-6 596-8206  Homepage
Ken Joling Ken Joling Social Studies / IB Coordinator Room D-4 596-8238  Homepage
John Jones John Jones Life Skills Teacher Room A-10 596-8215  
Bryan Keister Bryan Keister Math Room C-10 596-8194 Homepage
Lynne Kenyon Lynne Kenyon Social Studies / Dept. Head / Key Club Adviser Room A-3 596-8270  Homepage
Stephanie King Stephanie King Science Room I-2 596-8220 Homepaget
Erica Kinsel Erica Kinsel World Languages Room D-3 596-8248 Homepage
Joel Komschlies, MA Joel Komschlies, MA Counselor (M-R) / Dept. Head Counseling Center 596-8020  
William Knight William Knight Technology Support Tech Room 596-8203  
Tighe Kraves Tighe Kraves Ceramics / Dept. Head Room H-1 596-8203 Homepage
William Laprelle Roger LaPrelle Para 1:1    
Scott LaViollette Lisa Larson Transition  Dee House 867-7166 Homepage
Scott LaViollette Scott LaViollette Math Room C-3 596-8240 Homepage
Scott Le Duc Scott Le Duc CTE Arts and Technology / NBCT Room F-1 596-8241 Homepage
Andrew Lopez Andrew Lopez Math / Drafting Room G-1 596-8072 Homepage
Dan Lundberg Dan Lundberg Band / Dept. Head Band Room 596-8244 Homepage
Mandy Machut Mandy Machut Science Room I-5 596-8212 Homepage
Mark Mansfield Mark Mansfield Para Educator  Front Office 596-8204  
Dean Marks Dean Marks Para Educator  Life Skills    
Leslie Matthews Leslie Matthews Alternative Ed. Para 596-8195  
Allison McFadden Allison McFadden Business Ed. 
Future Business Leaders of America [FBLA] Advisor
Room E-3 596-8254 Homepage
Rebekah McFann Rebekah McFann Athletic Trainer 596-8195  
Carol McKay Carol McKay Math Room I-5 596-8247 Homepage
Chris McNabb Chris McNabb Math Room C-4 596-8232 Homepage
Julie Melton Julie Melton Alt Ed Para / Student Store / Woodshop 596-8287  
Lou Anne Michaels Lou Anne Michaels Alt. Ed Para Educator  Life Skills 664-4633  
Troy Mickelson Troy Mickelson Health & Fitness / Science / Dept. Head Gym 596-8078 Homepage
Donna Miller Donna Miller Transition Program    
Tracey Miller Tracey Miller Math / Dept. Head Room C-6 596-8246 Homepage
Jenny Morgan Jenny Morgan Counselor (A-E) Counseling Center 596-8022  
William Murray William Murray Wood and Metal Technology Room G-2 596-8077 Homepage
Sheila Nelsen Sheila Nelsen Alt. Ed. 596-8207  
Yuko Nelson Yuko Nelson World Language Room D-1 596-8257 Homepage
Elianne Nguyen Elianne Nguyen American Sign Language   Homepage
Tim Oliver Tim Oliver English    
Esperanza Ortega Esperanza Ortega Para 1:1    
Tonya Orr Tonya Orr Alt. Ed. Paraeducator    
Kath Ourng Kath Ourng Graveyard Custodian    
Kelly Pankau Kelly Pankau Math Room A-9  596-8209 Homepage
Julie Paquet Julie Paquet Cafeteria    
Steve Paquet Steve Paquet Swing Custodian    
Alex Parker Alex Parker World Language / Dept. Head Room D-5 596-8169 Homepage
Michael Pelly Michael Pelly Alt. Education Para    
Cheryl Piper Cheryl Piper Attendance Secretary Attendance Office 596-8019  
Mark Rennie Mark Rennie Swing Custodian 596-8006  
Terry Rose Terry Rose PE 596-  
Kelli Samson Kelli Samson English Room B-10 596-8288 Homepage
Nicole Akaran Nicole Sande Counselor (S-Z) Counseling Center 596-8028 Homepage
Cecily Schmidt Cecily Schmidt Art Room H-2 596-8205 Homepage
Jayanne Scott Jayanne Scott Transition Program    
Officer Sieg Officer Seig School Resource Officer (SRO)    
Stacy Sharp Stacy Sharp ASB Secretary ASB Office 596-8071  
Elizabeth Shine Elizabeth Shine English / Dept. Head Room B-2 596-8255 Homepage
Travis Sipher Travis Sipher Orchestra Orchestra Room 596-8251 Homepage
Bob Sparks Bob Sparks English Room D-10 596-8261 Homepage
Holly Steele   School Nurse Health Room 596-8008  
Becky Strand Becky Strand Cafeteria  596-8007  
Aaron Street Aaron Street English 596-8225 Homepage
Caroline Street Caroline Street English / Newspaper Room B-3 596-8263 Homepage
Pam Tebeau Pam Tebeau Transition Programs 596-7575  
Katie Turcotte Katie Turcotte PE 596-8221 Homepage
Lois Underland Lois Underland Transition House 464-4633  
Karla Urevig Karla Urevig Math Room C-8 596-8256 Homepage
Brian Vandiver Brian Vandiver Social Studies Room A-4 596-8266 Homepage
David Wall David Wall Art Room H1 596-  
Sydni Weeks Sydni Weeks Counseling Secretary Counseling Office 596-8027  
Kevin Wright Kevin Wright Video / CNS / Photo / Robotics / Coach Room F-2 / I-1 596-8271 Homepage
Amelia Young Amelia Young English Room B-6 / Apex D-12 596-8228 Homepage