WASL Information

Washington Assessment of Student Learning?

"The 10th-grade Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL) requires
students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in reading, writing, mathematics,
and science by responding to multiple-choice, short-answer questions, and problem-
solving tasks.?

Most students will earn the Certificate of Academic Achievement graduation
requirement by meeting reading, writing and math standards on the 10th-grade
WASL. Students have multiple opportunities to take the test starting in ninth grade
and throughout high school.?

Classroom teachers and curriculum specialists from across Washington assisted with
the development of the questions for the state-level tests. Two content committees
were created at each grade level ? one for reading/writing/ communication and one
for mathematics. These committees defined the test and item (question)
specifications consistent with the state learning standards, reviewed all questions prior to pilot testing and provided final review and approval of all questions after
pilot testing. A separate "fairness" committee, composed of individuals reflective of
Washington's persity, also reviews all questions to identify questions that might be
offensive or put some students at a disadvantage for reasons unrelated to the skill
or concept being assessed.?

If a student does not meet one or more of the standards on the high school WASL,
four retake opportunities will be available during the following summers and in the
spring of the student?s junior and senior year.

Provided below are links to more specific information about the WASL." "WASL" Washington Assessment of Student Learning

School Year 2006-07

Mandatory High School Testing begins each day at 8am and ends at 10am.

High School WASL Testing Week 1

Tuesday, March 13 - Writing Session 1
Wednesday, March 14 - Writing Session 2
Thursday, March 15 - Writing Session 3

Week 2

Monday, March 19 - Reading Session 1
Tuesday, March 20 - Reading Session 2

Week 3

Tuesday, April 17 - Mathematics Session 1
Wednesday, April 18 - Mathematics Session 2
Thursday, April 19 - Science Session 1
Friday, April 20 - Science Session 2