The Career Center

The Capital High School Career Center is a resources for students and parents.
It is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Career Exploration and Information

Interest Assessments (computer & paper)

  • Work Values Assessment
  • Skills Assessment
  • Occupational Briefs by Chronicle Guidance
  • Vocational Biographies Books & Online
  • "Opportunities in Careers" book series
  • "Career Choices" booklet series
  • "Careers for the 21st Century" Video Library
  • Career self-help books, such as "Do What You Are" and others
  • Resource books: America's Top 300 Jobs, Great Tech Careers and others Apprenticeship Information
  • Military Information
  • Career exploration website lists
  • Test and Assessment website lists

College Information

  • Catalogues and View Books
  • Videos
  • Files
  • College Resource Books (i.e., "College Handbook", "Fiske Guide", "Yale Daily News Insiders Guide" etc.)
  • Canadian Universities
  • College Honor Programs Information
  • College Alternatives (i.e., "Guide to Careers Without College" and America's Top Jobs without a Four Year Degree)
  • Vocational and Technical Schools
  • C.H.S. Senior Notes
  • College Representative visits
  • Career and Program Presentations (i.e., AmeriCorps, Glacier Aviation, Police Explorers, Job Corps etc.)

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid Books, Articles, and Website Lists
  • The CHS Scholarship List
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Scholarship Books and Websites
  • FAFSA Information, and Assistance

Job Information

  • Job Board (Paid and volunteer positions)
  • Application and Resume' Worksheets
  • Resume' computer program
  • Resume' assistance
  • Sample cover letters
  • Interview techniques and Questions
  • Resource books on cover letters and resumes
  • Child Labor Laws
  • Interview Skills video