Human Anatomy & Physiology

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Human Anatomy & Physiology

Room I-7  #360-596-8200

OPEN LAB during:

Coug Time

after school until 3pm

& by appointment


Composition Notebook – 80+ pages, college ruled




Course Fee $20 on sliding scale. Payable to student accounts.

Interactive Notebooks will be used DAILY. This will be where all your notes, labs, homework, and daily work will be organized. Notebook checks occur near the end of a unit & all make-up work  is due at that time. For credit to be granted, responses will need to be in complete sentences.

Instructor’s Expectations:

This is a high school course. As such I expect that you will take the course seriously and behave in a mature manner. This means you are expected to:

  • Have Academic Integrity. Behave honestly with regard to your classwork.

  • Be Prepared. You must complete the readings and assignments. Notebook should be brought to class each and every day.

  • Be Respectful. At times there will be disagreement over views. This is a healthy part of discourse and learning. Please make sure to maintain a respectful tone. Also, refrain from swearing.

Class Policies:

Electronic Devices:

Devices (including earbuds) can be used in class ONLY when adding to the educational experience, otherwise they are off & away. When in doubt, check the sign. Electronics will be confiscated for repeat offenders and parents notified of their misuse.

Restroom Passes: You get 4 for the semester. Any unused tickets will become extra credit. Give a ticket to Ms. B, sign-out with time and name on the clip board, & take the restroom pass. Failure to do so will result in loss of pass privilege for the semester.

Tardy:  Door is locked at bell. Get a pass from one of the  attendance kiosks or attendance office to be admitted into class.

Absences: If you are absent the day an assignment is due you are expected to turn in the assignment the next day. If you are absent the day an assignment is given you have one day per day you missed to make up the assignment per school policy.  I post information on schoology daily and keep copies of handouts and assignments in the class box.  It is the student’s responsibility to get their assignments.

Grades - School wide grading scale applies.

50% Formal Assessments


50% Informal Assessments

30% Notebook/ Classwork /Activities/ Homework

20% Labs/ Investigations

Homework is due the next day at the start of class unless otherwise specified.

Classwork /Activities are due /stamped at end of class unless otherwise specified.

Projects/Labs/ Investigation  are due on date specified. If absent, on the day of your return. Late work can be submitted for 85% maximum earned score.

Tests/Quizzes can be made up if you have an excused absence. You have 5 school days to complete the missing assessment after school or during Coug Time.

ALL work for the unit is due by the NOTEBOOK CHECK.

NO work from that unit will be taken after that point in time.

Students with IEPs or 504s will have additional time as required by their plan.

Extensions can be granted if submitted 24 hours or earlier before a deadline (for a lab report/project) with a valid cause. This is a formal request submitted in writing.

Academic Dishonesty:  is any action or omission by a student that constitutes plagiarism, cheating or academic misrepresentation.

Types of Academic Dishonesty

  • Cheating on a test (formal assessment)  - using a device, notes, or another student’s answers

  • Sharing test questions with a student from another class

  • Copying an assignment -investigations, questions, lab reports, daily work, homework

  • Copying/pasting - from other sources

  • Lack of citations -for quotations or paraphrases

  • Submitting another’s work as your own

  • Turning in your own work again in another class

  • Collusion- giving or sharing independent work resulting in that work used by another a.k.a allowing another student to copy your work

  • Falsifying research data

  • Inventing sources

Possible Consequence(s)

  • Formal write-up for academic file

  • No credit for assignment /Re-do assignment for partial credit

  • Verbal warning

  • Contacting parent/guardian

  • Referral to administrator

Please read over this syllabus with your guardian and sign below:

I, __________________________________________________(student signature) acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above policies AND the policies stated in the separate CHS SAFETY CONTRACT.

Guardian Signature _________________________________________________

Guardian Printed name______________________________________________

Guardian number  (________)___________________________

Guardian email_________________________________________________