CAS Reflection

Writing End-of-Activity Reflections

On reflective writing:

"It's not what you did; it's what you've learned from what you did"-- class of 2011

The final END-OF-ACTIVITY REFLECTION is due within 10 days of completing the activity

Self-evaluations are ti be reflective rather than descriptive, narrative reports

When an activity has ended, you will write a final Reflection that sums up the activity as a whole. The best way to do this is by considering the following:

  • What did I plan to do?
  • What did I do? (A summary of specific duties and accomplishments in activity)
  • What were the outcomes, for me, the team I was working with, and others?

Move on from the above "What...?" based questions and ask yourself the more "experiential learner" type questions.

Here are some exemplary questions that you should be answering, though not necessarily every question for every reflection.

  • How did you interact with others?
  • What did you perceive?
  • What did you think about activity?
  • What did the activity mean to you?
  • What was the value of the activity?
  • How did activity benefit others?
  • How did activity measure up to the the eight learning outcomes?
  • Were the goals set too low, too high or just right? Why?
  • If difficulties existed how did you overcome them?
  • What did you learn from the activity and how might this new knowledge be applied more widely elsewhere in your life? (For example, a change of perspective).

Your reflection must contain evidence that one or more of the learning outcomes was/were successfully met during the activity. Always refer back to your journal entries.