May 24, 2017 Department Meeting

WHERE:CTE Staff Room
WHEN:7:15 AM
PRESENT: Steve Bellande,Angel Elam, Brenda Grabski, Scott Le Duc, Allison McFadden,William Murray,Kevin Wright,Kathy Watts

NOT PRESENT, BUT PRESENT IN SPIRIT:Amanda Beers, Kristina Cummins, Andres Lopez


  1. Review Dept. Head meeting notes
  2. Feedback for Club schedule
  3. Feedback for Wed. early release Wednesdays
  4. Other?


  1. Club Time / Cougar Time
    • Kathy reviewed the 3 options
    • We liked Option A
    • We DID NOT like Option C
  2. Follow up (Feedback) Wednesdays
    • Waiting to find out what OSD's expectations are for the Wednesday afternoons
  3. RTI Model Update
    • Admin is working on a model
  4. PBIS Update / Future Plans
    • Admin working on this
  5. Master Schedule Update
    • Check in with admin to make sure little things like schedule conflicts are not overlooked
  6. Book Checklist
    • Kristi Bonds is updating the booklist
  7. Early Finals
    • CTE Teachers can give early finals, but keep an academic atmosphere during the actual finals time
  8. Peer Modeling Ideas
    • Allison will send a link to a Google Doc for people to contribute ideas for how they demonstrate TPEP/Danielson strategies
    • Please fill in this week