Mar. 1, 2017 Department Meeting

WHERE: CTE Staff Room
WHEN: 7:15 AM
PRESENT:  Amanda Beers, Steve Bellande, Angel Elam, Brenda Grabski, Scott Le Duc, Allison McFadden, William Murray, Kevin Wright, Kathy Watts

NOT PRESENT, BUT PRESENT IN SPIRIT: Kristina Cummins, Andres Lopez

  1. Review Dept. Head meeting notes
  2. Discuss finals schedules for feedback at Friday’s coordinators’ meeting
  3. CTE promotional materials final check and dates confirmation
  1. Spring Finals Schedule:
    • One draft was eliminated because no coordinators wanted 3 finals in one day.
    • Two others will be discussed at next coordinators’ meeting and voted on by staff.
    • Curtis will make sure all finals are equal length.
    • We all voted for no Friday final schedule
  2. Laptop Rollout: should be complete.
  3. Master Schedule: Curtis will have a survey out for all teachers in the next two weeks about what you can/want to teach next year.
  4. Grade Reports: Jen brought school-wide data showing numbers of Fs first semester.
  5. Club time: appears to be working; updated club list has been sent out.
  6. Facebook, Twitter now available for school. How to be effective?
    • Google Share folder.
    • Share pictures from activities not typically covered; will be filtered by admin.
    • Post list of kids not allowed in photos
  7. Recognition certificates Friday 2/24: if absent, let Michelle know, choose someone to have student go to
  8. Talent show will be 2/22.
  9. For the good of the order: your concerns, issues here.
  10. CTE Promotion Update
    • Brenda, Allison, Amanda, Scott will have student attend middle schools
      • Please have your field trip paperwork ready the week before, March 15
    • Scott will place two Dream. Do. posters in each person's mail box in the next couple days
    • Email Scott if you need more posters Skills Pay Bills posters
    • The big CTE map poster will bre in the F1 window next week
    • Scott will have the poster board with all the class posters for the middle school visit ready next week