Feb. 15, 2017 Department Meeting

WHERE: CTE Staff Room
WHEN: 7:15 AM
PRESENT:  Amanda Beers, Steve Bellande, Angel Elam, Brenda Grabski, Scott Le Duc, Allison McFadden, William Murray, Kevin Wright, Kathy Watts

NOT PRESENT, BUT PRESENT IN SPIRIT: Kristina Cummins, Andres Lopez

Agenda: Review Dept. Head meeting notes 

  1. Visit from Frank O’Connor
  2. Review Dept. Head meeting notes
  3. Decide on CTE promotional information and process
  1. Frank O’Connor, CTE Director
    • The following is for your information – there’s nothing particularly needed for the next Coordinator’s
    • meeting, but if you have comments, please let me know.
  2. CORE 24
    • a. Michelle shared documents
    • b. PPR – Personalized Pathway Requirements
      • i. Based on HSBP
      • ii. 3 credits to help prepare for a career and education goal
      • iii. Amanda Beers – talking to 8 th grade students; 16 career cluster model
    • c. 4 elective credits
  3. Wednesday morning 2017-2018
    • a. Will depend on whether OSD goes to district-wide schedule
    • b. Curtis: Student safety is more important than collaboration time
    • c. Whatever it is shouldn’t interfere with academic time
    • d. More discipline problems on Wednesdays
    • e. Core/Flex, Clubs?
  4. Spring Finals schedule
    1. a. Seniors done 6/9 no matter what – graduation is 6/13
    2. b. Grades due 6/25 [change due to snow days?]
    3. c. Which 3 days for finals?
    4. d. Only last day is a half day
    5. e. Dept. heads will develop 2-3 viable options to go to staff for discussion
  5. Weighting grades – there will be a discussion; in one class, 35% of the grade is based on 3 assignments
  6. Promoting CTE – Scott – flyers, posters, web site, etc.
    • Classes - People gave Scott added/deleted courses on the CHS CTE page 
    • Poster- Stay with Dream. Do. slogan
      • People requested new posters
      • People can change a poster, if we have time
      • All pictures will be during 2nd period next week
        • Email Scott which day you want a student to come to room F1 for a new poster picture
    • Flyers - People modified course summaries to be added/modified in the CHS CTE Flyer
    • Brenda and Amanda volunteered to visit the middle schools in March