Jan. 18, 2017 Department Meeting

WHERE: CTE Staff Room
WHEN: 7:15 AM
PRESENT:  Amanda Beers, Steve Bellande, Angel Elam, Brenda Grabski, Scott Le Duc, Allison McFadden, William Murray, Kevin Wright, Kathy Watts

NOT PRESENT, BUT PRESENT IN SPIRIT: Kristina Cummins, Andres Lopez

Agenda: Review Dept. Head meeting notes 

  1. PLCs: Jan. staff meeting 1/23 – Kevin will present current status, good work, etc.  2-3 minutes.  Board meeting here that night – would be nice to have a large presence of staff.
  2. Feb. 6 staff meeting – presentation by Diana Crawford about public records and how to protect yourself; powerpoint of her presentation in makeup meeting 6:45 on Feb. 7.
  3. Club Time discussion
    • Share expectations with kids from email.
    • Worked well – only a few kids in halls to be directed to class
    • Library is NOT open except as club, but some computer labs are available to kids
    • Set a limit for how many you can take – cut off kids beyond that number.
    • Be sure to update Teacher Activity list if you don’t have an entry.  
      • Options:
        • Volunteer to help in halls or another classroom
        • Basketball in gym with Cermak needs a second teacher – large group.
    • Discussion beginning on how it will look next year – if interested, volunteer to observe Core/Flex etc. in neighboring districts (tell Curtis).
  4. Civil Rights assembly Jan. 17: swap out class/assembly during 2nd per.
    • Sit with your students, supervise.  If you can’t discipline a student without causing a distraction, take names and turn in to admin.
    • End 1st group – leave by back gym doors, out foyer so 2nd group can come in down stairs.  Needs to happen quickly.
    • Student expectations: communicate
      • Be courteous, respectful
      • Cell phones should be off
      • Do not interfere with other students
  5. Renaissance Recognition assembly Feb. 24. Get name of your student to Michelle ASAP.
  6. Finals schedule – there are paras available to help in afternoon – let Daniel or Jen know if you’d like one.
  7. Skyward Update.
    • Check category set-up – some defaulted to checking ALL categories.
    • If you use categories – MUST have a grade entered by end of first 6 week grading period or will drop unused category (such as Final).  Better to add Final to Test category and then weight separately (can do when set up assignment info)
  8. Communication: check email regularly and respond as necessary.  Much routine information can be done this way instead of using Staff Meeting time, but if no one is reading/responding, info will have to be dispersed during Staff Meeting.