Oct. 5, 2016 Department Meeting

Present: Scott, Steve, Brenda, Amanda, Kevin, Allison, Kathy, Curtis

1. Kathy will mail out Coordinators and department minutes to all CTE staff.
2. Discussion with Curtis on how the CTE department works.
3. Steve Belande will be setting up a technology training for travel requests/documents and for CTE

CTE Dept.
9/30 Coordinators Meeting
1. Collaboration (PLCs) CTE department questions answered:
a. Will stick with A or B group for now
b. 21 st Century Skills dont have to be the focus if the group has something else planned
2. Finals schedule:
a. Will stick with what we did last spring
b. ACTION ITEM: Any feedback on how it worked for you?
3. Department lead notebook:
a. Each department should keep a notebook to pass on to next coordinator.
b. Especially needed in departments that have budgets (not CTE) to have history of
4. ACTION ITEM: how to get feedback between departments and coordinators meeting. Will
sometimes be a 2 week lapse so A and B have their meetings.
5. Staff meeting Monday email from Curtis including forms for PLC record-keeping and
possible ideas for PLCs.